Father David’s Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,

Next weekend our nation celebrates the culmination of the several year event our bishops have entitled the National Eucharistic Revival.  Christ’s Church has been travelling on pilgrimage from all over the country for months, and finally the Body of Christ will be assembling in Indianapolis in great jubilation and expectation!  This is truly a time of tremendous importance and magnitude, with spiritual tremors of epic “earthquake” proportions.  I don’t say that in an overly dramatic way; I mean it sincerely! This momentous event, considering all that has transpired prior to it as well as everything that is surely to follow after it, has the potential to completely transform the spiritual landscape of our beloved country.  So many people in the Church lament what can only be described as a steady spiritual decline in our country; yet, with this Revival and other authentic spiritual movements happening in our country, God is saying “Not so fast!”, “Don’t lose hope!”, “We’re not done yet!”, “I’m not quitting so you better not!!”, and perhaps many other things.  Not that I can claim to actually know what God is communicating through all of this, but you get my point.  The Holy Spirit is clearly and powerfully on the move!!!  And we need to keep cooperating with and following Him.

As the Revival comes to this peak moment, I think it is apropos that I remind you of the purpose of this movement:

“In response to our prayers, the Holy Spirit is filling us with grace and zeal – setting our hearts ablaze with his love and sending us out to share it with the world.

 The National Eucharistic Revival movement is the joyful, expectant, grassroots response of the Church in the United States to the divine invitation to be united once again around the source and summit of our faith in the celebration of the Eucharist.

 Through the Eucharist, God desires to heal, renew, and unify the Church around the world.” – quoted from the National Eucharistic Revival website. 

I think then in light of the Eucharistic Revival and its stated purpose, we should all ask ourselves several questions:

Do I feel more filled with grace and zeal for the Eucharist than I previously have felt?

Do I wholeheartedly desire to faithfully be present and fully participate in the Church’s celebrations of the Eucharist without fail excepting circumstances truly out of my control?

Do I experience healing and renewal in my life by being united to Jesus in the Eucharist?

Do I see the Eucharist as my Lord, my God, my all in all, my everything?

Am I more willing and excited to tell people in my life about my love for Jesus in the      Eucharist?

Am I willing to die for my love of Jesus in the Eucharist?

Just a few questions to ponder as we prepare to move into the mission phase of this Revival.

Fr. David

P.S. Also remember this: “Revival is not something we do.  It is God stirring up the hearts of his people.”



Together with the Bishops of the United States and the Vatican, the National Eucharistic Congress offers our prayers for President Trump and those who were killed or injured.

The National Eucharistic Congress has been planning for a safe and secure event for all attendees for the past two years. We have retained a nationally recognized security firm that has worked in close coordination with local, state, and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies throughout. We will continue to be very attentive to security needs for all.

The National Eucharistic Congress remains, since its inception, a spiritual movement aimed at proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist that seeks to bring unity and peace to our Church, our country, and our world. We feel privileged to gather in prayer at a time with Our Eucharistic Lord when our country and our world need this peace, which comes only from him. We will pray for healing of all divisions in our land and an end to violence.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Chairman of the Board

National Eucharistic Congress


Here is the link to Spiritual Communion and Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament: https://www.virgosacrata.com/spiritual-communion.html