Father David’s Letter

Dear St. Mary Parish Family,

Last week I had the welcome opportunity to do considerable post-Easter reflecting.  I find these several days of rest and thought to be needed every year after Easter.  As you know, the weeks leading up to Easter, and especially Holy Week, are quite intensive in the preparation and celebration of the great liturgies of the season.  But for me it wasn’t just the usual stuff of these weeks that gave me reason to pause, rest, and reflect; it was also everything pertaining to the series of Sunday talks I gave during Lent.  Let’s just say I had invested and given a lot throughout the season, and I was tired.  Yet, it was a happy exhaustion, a quiet contentment after doing what I believe I was called to do as a teacher and celebrant of the sacred liturgies.

In the quieting of my mind, body, and spirit after Easter, a few things came to mind.  First, gratitude.  I am ever more grateful to be here with you all at St. Mary.  I recognize I still don’t know the names of many of you, and I suppose I won’t ever know all of them, but I see you and I am with you.  We are a spiritual family, and I feel we have grown a lot together.  Your presence, participation, and involvement in the parish over time are bearing fruit.  I sense we are becoming more strongly bonded to the Lord and each other.  That doesn’t just happen.  It has to be desired and chosen.  I am grateful to witness over and over that choice in action!

A second thought from my time of reflection is the importance of being grounded.  So many exciting and intense things happen during Holy Week, and each day and liturgy is filled with meaning.  There is so much to take in every year, so many mysteries to try to unlock, so much to consider, and so much to do.  After all of it is now “over” again, I am assured in my mind and heart that it all does matter.  All of it.  Even the little details.  It matters that we do it.  It matters that we are there.  Simply put, it matters that we celebrate the Paschal Mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ every year.  But what also matters is that we step back from it, we take in the afterglow of Easter, and we quiet ourselves from the “Easter rush.”  This is important because, as I have to keep being reminded, we never want to have any sense of vanity or vainglory regarding our roles in all of this.  Our worship of God is not a show or a performance.  It’s not about any one of us, nor is it ultimately even about all of us and what we do.  It’s not so much doing a job, but entering into the sacred reality of the liturgy according to our roles, and doing so to give God the greatest praise and honor that we can.  That is why we do all of this.  That is also why staying grounded after all of it is critical.  Keep our individual egos in check.  Don’t take any of the glory away from our great God!

The last thought I have for today is joy.  I rejoice for once again having the esteemed privilege of celebrating with you these sacred festivities!  It is a time that gladdens the heart, renews the mind, and encourages the soul!  But it is not over yet.  As the Johnny Carson show always said, “more to come.”  The Easter season continues.  In just a couple of weeks several of our precious children will receive Jesus for the very first time in Holy Communion!  After that, our annual crowning of our dear Blessed Mother.  And then into the summer, when in terms of exciting faith events there will also be “more to come.”

Happy Easter!

Fr. David




If you still feel uncomfortable to attend Mass, the weekend Mass is still available on St. Mary’s Facebook page.

Here is the link to Spiritual Communion and Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament: https://www.virgosacrata.com/spiritual-communion.html