Father David’s Letter

Dear St. Mary Parish Family,

When you read this, it will be not quite halfway through the Lenten season.  With that, let me ask you how is your Lent going so far?  Are you digging a little deeper into your faith?  Do you sense any kind of positive transformation happening?  Is Lent making any real difference to your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ?  I ask these questions now, recognizing that real lasting transformation in our lives as Christ’s disciples takes time to blossom and is not always perceptible to the human senses.  Nevertheless, if with Lent we are making use of the opportunity to plant and water seeds of deeper faith, eventually the good fruit will be noticed, by you and by the people around you.  To be noticed for our growth in virtue is of course not the point of Lent; Jesus rails against that kind of vainglory or pretense in the Gospel we heard on Ash Wednesday.  Still, if someone we know well does see something positive happening in our lives, i.e. we are becoming a little kinder or a little more generous or a little less distracted or a little less anxious or a little easier to talk to or a little more determined or a little more intentional about the practice of our faith or a little less critical or a little more forgiving, then we know Lent will have made a difference, or rather that we allowed it to make a difference.

As you know, my main focus this Lent is leading all of us at St. Mary on a journey through the Mass, a journey to deeper understanding and appreciation and love for the greatest act of worship, or “event” as I am calling it, that we have the privilege to participate in.  This 5-part, 5 stage journey is intentional as part of the Eucharistic Revival that is currently happening in the Church.  In doing this, I don’t mean to say that any of your individual faith in the holy Mass needs to be revived.  Let God be the judge of our hearts.  My hope is that the faith that each of us does have will be strengthened and nourished by taking this journey.  As the presenter, my appreciation for the Mass has already grown, and there are still three more talks to go!

As I have said during this journey, there are so many details and such a rich treasure of writings on the Mass that what little I am doing can only scratch the surface of the unfathomable mystery of the Mass.  My purpose is to do a kind of flyover view of the Mass, looking at the big picture of it and its various sections, highlighting certain details along the way, while trying to penetrate its overall significance for our lives.  The Mass isn’t just something we do, it’s reflective of who we are as the Church.  And the Mass shouldn’t just be something we have to do, but also and more importantly something we want to do and can’t wait to do!  The desire to fully praise God in the Mass can only come from within us.  You might say THAT is what I am hoping will be unlocked in each of us on this journey, if it has not been already.

Looking forward to more Lent blessings, and a transformational Holy Week soon to come!

Fr. David


Soup and Stations will held on Friday evenings during Lent beginning on Friday, February 16th. Soup will be served in Mary Hall starting at 6pm. Stations will begin at 7pm in the Church followed by Confessions.

Next Vespers will be held in Church on Wednesday, March 6th, at 7pm.

The monthly Eucharistic Adoration will be held on Wednesday, March 13th , in the church from 8:30am – 9pm.

The annual Diocesan “Be Reconciled” will be held on Wednesday, March 20th. Times for confessions  between the three McHenry parishes to be announced.


You’re invited to attend an upcoming McHenry Deanery CCW event! See the Events Page for more details!


If you still feel uncomfortable to attend Mass, the weekend Mass is still available on St. Mary’s Facebook page.

Here is the link to Spiritual Communion and Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament: https://www.virgosacrata.com/spiritual-communion.html