Cemetery Lot Pricing


Shrine Section
(flat headstones only)
$1,000.00* $1,200.00*
Shrine Section
(18” monuments only)
$1,150.00* $1,350.00*
Rosary Section $1,300.00* $1,500.00*
Niches-Unit C $1,800.00* $2,000.00*
Income Care $250.00  $250.00
*Income care is in addition to the cost of the grave/niche.
Interment Fees** SUNDAY/HOLIDAY
Opening/Closing of Grave  Saturday*  

Opening/Closing of Niche

$1,050.00              $1,175.00


$1,150.00                  $1,275.00


 $1,900.00                  —–


In-ground Cremated Remains Saturday* $625.00        $750.00 $725.00                    $850.00 $1,050.00                   ——
Double Urns $850.00 $950.00 $1,475.00
Saturday* $1,025.00 $1,100.00 ——-
**(Includes locating and staking,
opening & closing of grave, reseeding,
record keeping & state filing.)
Note: Second burials must be approved by
the Cemetery Director before making any
commitments to the family. See below.
*New fees

Accommodation Fees – When cremated remains are interred as a second burial in a grave, the cemetery must be contacted before final arrangements are made with the family. Not all graves can accommodate cremated remains buried on top of the existing vault. An accomodation fee is charged for all second burials on the same grave. This charge is $300.00 and is in addition to the interment fee.

Prices as of 05/01/2022. Prices subject to change without notice.


Suggested Clergy Stipend – $100.00

Funeral or Memorial Mass** – $200.00

Organist and Cantor – $100.00 ea.

Total church fees payable to St. Mary’s Church – $500.00

*Fees for parishioners and non-registered

**Please note that all funeral arrangements must have the Pastor’s prior approval. Second burials must be approval by the Cemetery Director, Joseph Etten, before making any commitments to the family: 815-385-0024.